O Livro de Ouro

The Golden Book is opened to support the campaign for building a new church in Céu do Mapiá. The initiative for this part of the campaign is initiated by our beloved Madrinha Rita, who opened this book to make it possible for the entire brotherhood to contribute in this huge project.

The idea is that all churches and centres open a Golden Book to collect the donations for the new church, an instrument to keep the focus on the continuation of the construction. In this book the names of the donators might be administrated, so that we can create an official register of our work.

All the churches are invited to open a Golden book. We know that the campaign for the new church started in 2009, but nowadays the construction of the church needs a new impulse and the attention of us all. To create the necessary guarantee that all the money comes to its intended goal the Golden Book is opened.

The Igreja do culto ecléctico da Fluente Luz Universal is at this moment opening a bank account that will only receive the money for the construction of the new church. Until this account is opened your church leader will have the information of an empty bank account that will be used in Europe to collect the European donations.

Padrinho Alfredo is calling upon the entire brotherhood for initiatives that might propagate the campaign.