The artist Sylvana, fardada em Céu do Belém, made three paintings to be raffled within the brotherhood.

When all the Daimistas buy at least one lottery for 15 € we contribute a lot of mites to the construction of our new Mother Church. You can buy a lottery at your local church/centre until 24 June; the draw will be 29 June.

For more information contact your local church or: info@santodaime.nl

Remember, it is not only the money we need, but as much the focus, hands, and material to make this work. All who drink this holy beverage have a responsibility to help maintaining our mother church in the midst of the rain-forest. Our factual presence is needed to help in the construction.

Another intiative: A agência de viagens Floresta Viagens teve uma iniciativa que pode servir de exemplo para outras empresas de nossa rede: está destinando 10% de seu lucro operacional para as obras da Nova Igreja da Floresta. Confira os serviços oferecidos e programe-se para visitar o Céu do Mapiá neste festival. To read more: click here

Further space is saved for the next initiative, it can be yours!